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Summer Splash Tonight!

Join me and several other BPA families at 7pm CST for the Summer Splash! It kicks off our BiblePrinciples group Faceboook presence and [re]introduces our online BPA community. We will have giveaways, door prizes and lots of great information. I’ll be there, along with Lisa of Me and My House Ministries, Renae of Life Nurturing Education and Gina of A Cherished Keeper. Mrs. Smith of Pilgrim Institute will also be on hand with information you … read on, my friend…

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Homeschool secret sauce

Ever had something so finger lickin’ good that you just had to have the recipe? So you work up the courage to ask and when you get it you realize you can’t duplicate it because there’s one ingredient you don’t have–secret sauce. It’s a blend of spices and flavorings so potent, so tasty, so irresistible that you can’t help eating it until your tummy aches. Even then you want more. You liked it so much … read on, my friend…

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Why teach from Biblical Principles?

It’s the way Jesus taught.The Pharisees didn’t like his approach much. They wanted facts, rules. He got to the heart of the matter. He was able to sum up the 10 commandments in two principles. His approach frustrates the flesh but gives life to the spirit. There are more examples of His teaching methods than I can list here but I recommend the book Teaching Techniques of Jesus by Herman Horne. It’s good to begin … read on, my friend…

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Of lanterns and lighthouses

I love to plan. Seriously, I LOVE it. Home educating quenches that desire in me because I have to plan on a regular basis. Score. Even though I really enjoy it, sometimes I think I can get by without planning. For some moms, loose plans or [gasp!] no plans aren’t a big deal. I am not one of those moms. Lesson plans are the way the big picture gets done. They are a map to … read on, my friend…

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with joy

…if only I may finish my course with joy… Acts 20:24 AMP (emphasis mine) This is part of my life scripture. It is one that is dear to me and only recently I have seen it anew. There are three things in this lovely passage that I want to emphasize. Finish I am to finish, whatever that means for me. For some home educators it’s graduation. For others it’s somewhere along the way. No one … read on, my friend…

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5 ways to fast track home education burnout

Burnout. It’s a buzzword people use a lot. There is a lot of difference between a rough patch and burnout. When I say that word I mean “I cannot do this one more day. I am losing weight and having anxiety attacks. I am severely depressed and very disappointed. I am completely empty.” I have taken the time to test all of these–so I do know what I am talking about. I am guilty of … read on, my friend…

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Best PrincipledMom Posts of 2009

As the year draws to a close, I want to list a few of my favorite posts from this year. I hope you enjoy a post or two you may have missed. Relating to Life and Biblical Principle Approach Home Education My place in God’s Symphony The encouragement addiction Creating unit studies using the Biblical Principle Approach We are history Average kids are gonna rule the world Yes, home educating is my job Life is … read on, my friend…

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Transitioning to Biblical Principle Approach

BPA is so exciting, so life changing, so excellent that those new to this approach can, in their zeal, overdo things and burnout quickly. It can leave you feeling like you have failed or that BPA is not a fit for you. Because it requires more on the part of the parent-teacher, it takes more time to make the changes you desire to see in your homeschool. It is not a matter of simply tossing … read on, my friend…

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We have a winner!

And the Freedom & Simplicity on the R Road to Biblical Wisdom ebook goes to… TRICIA! Thanks to everyone for playing. I love giveaways and hope to have another one soon. Tricia let me know where to email your book!

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R Road book giveaway

I haven’t had a contest in a long time and I love this book, so I thought I would give away a copy to a fortunate reader. Lisa Hodgen’s new book Freedom & Simplicity on the R Road to Biblical Wisdom: A “How to” Guide to Biblical Learning in Home Education is one of new favorite books. I reviewed it at The Curriculum Choice so I won’t rehash it here. Just know that I think … read on, my friend…

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