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Gentle BPA

With all the trappings of Biblical Principle Approach–word studies, 4-Ring, notebooks, the Red Books, Rudiments, etc., you can easily get overwhelmed and frustrated. Your idea of home education is not caught up in books and all that research, but in being with your children, learning alongside them. There is a way to do both. Ease into the whole BPA mindset. It takes time and effort to reformulate your ideas of American Christian education, to get … read on, my friend…

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5 myths of Biblical Principle Approach home education

It is too labor-intensive. Yes, it does require much from the teacher. Everything in life that is worth anything has come about through struggle and toil and patience and diligence. You must internalize the principles in order to teach them. And that takes time. Too much time, it seems sometimes. But in the end the price is small compared to the rewards of seeing your children maturing in the Lord, reasoning effectively form God’s Word … read on, my friend…

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Transitioning to Biblical Principle Approach

BPA is so exciting, so life changing, so excellent that those new to this approach can, in their zeal, overdo things and burnout quickly. It can leave you feeling like you have failed or that BPA is not a fit for you. Because it requires more on the part of the parent-teacher, it takes more time to make the changes you desire to see in your homeschool. It is not a matter of simply tossing … read on, my friend…

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We have a winner!

And the Freedom & Simplicity on the R Road to Biblical Wisdom ebook goes to… TRICIA! Thanks to everyone for playing. I love giveaways and hope to have another one soon. Tricia let me know where to email your book!

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R Road book giveaway

I haven’t had a contest in a long time and I love this book, so I thought I would give away a copy to a fortunate reader. Lisa Hodgen’s new book Freedom & Simplicity on the R Road to Biblical Wisdom: A “How to” Guide to Biblical Learning in Home Education is one of new favorite books. I reviewed it at The Curriculum Choice so I won’t rehash it here. Just know that I think … read on, my friend…

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A few new resources

Just want to spread the word about a few things. Ms. Dang has audio and handouts from her regular Wednesday night salon. They are a must-listen. Mrs. Smith with Pilgrim Institute has a free 45 minute video on Repairing the Breach for you or your church. Mrs. Smith also is working on some online classes. Details coming. Her latest (#4) history book will be out later this year. FACE has some dinged books at a … read on, my friend…

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Creating unit studies using the Biblical Principle Approach

Unit studies (which I prefer to call integrated studies) are wonderful. Teaching all the kids all together, planning one stream of lessons for the whole bunch is smart and interesting, and you actually retain more information as you see how it is all connected. However, the thing that always has concerned me is the tendency to focus on facts. It is easy to get caught up in the activities and the topic and lose sight … read on, my friend…

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Spirit-led lessons

My most exciting times as a home educator have come under inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Without the help of the Holy Spirit my lessons become dry and frankly pretty boring. I thought I would share some thoughts concerning this. If you are a Christian teaching your children at home, you probably already have experienced spirit-led lessons, even if you didn’t know it or call it that. When you are teaching multiple grades together you … read on, my friend…

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Christian History Lesson 1 part 1

To begin our study of America’s Christian History we must discuss some basic ideas. The Christian Idea of Man The Christian idea of man is the basis for our form of government. It is also the foundational principle that the other 6 principles of America’s Christian History and Government. It is the idea that man is created in God’s image as a unique individual. All men are therefore created equal with independent value. This is a … read on, my friend…

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Individuality of subjects

The first Biblical principle we study, and the overarching principle as well, is “God’s Principle of Individuality.” This principle can be seen everywhere, and we focus on seeing it in the subjects. If God cares about individuality, then if we study the subjects individually we are enjoying the distinctiveness of each subject. There is a rich history, diverse vocabulary and important principles that each subject contains. A goal of learning with the Biblical Principle Approach is not … read on, my friend…

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