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No need to dress up Room to mess up Strength to fess up Home is where grace lives. More corny jokes Laughter evokes Fun, happy folks Home is where joy lives. No secrets to keep Enjoying sweet sleep Drink it in deep Home is where peace lives. Forgiving a wrong Heart ties are strong Where I belong Home is where love lives. ©Anna-Marie Hawthorne

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Rise and fall. The tune is slow and regular. Memory’s shadow floats on a steady breath of salty spray. Mister moon is the conductor of this melody— frothy tones mingled with starlight. Briny echoes of happier times— ripples of love’s tender ease— found lapping at your mind’s shore each time you close your eyes and hold its iridescent home to your ear. ©Anna-Marie Hawthorne

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What I’m reading

So I’m on day three of my attempt to post every day this month. It’s a big challenge that @scotters tossed out and I sheepishly accepted. I don’t think I’ve posted this topic—ever. I noticed there’s no fiction on this list. Hmmmm…So what I’m reading (all but one on Kindle), in no particular order: 1. One Thousand Gifts is the hands-down best book I have read in a long time. Her writing is like, well, … read on, my friend…

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Sheltering and books

LIT’ERATURE, n. [L. literatura.] Learning; acquaintance with letters or books. Literature comprehends a knowledge of the ancient languages, denominated classical, history, grammar, rhetoric, logic, geography, &c. as well as of the sciences. A knowledge of the world and good breeding give luster to literature. There seem to be two camps concerning literature:  those who think you should shelter your children and those who think that difficult books are a tool for discussion. Of course older … read on, my friend…

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Practical application of timelines

This is a guest post by JoAnne Bennett, a dear friend and mentor. She was kind enough to provide the following post and I’m so glad she did. We will use the time line for the facts which must be memorized for that unit.  As we do an overview to introduce the unit, I emphasize that these are the most important events.  We will add other significant events as they are discovered and discuss their … read on, my friend…

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My newest school planning helpers

I just love going to my local used home school store. The woman that runs it is a walking home school catalog. Her knowledge of all the different curricula is staggering. And there is where I happen upon most of my home school loves. My newest favorite resources are these giant, yet unassuming books. They may not sound like a big deal, but they are–at least they should be. I am in love with all … read on, my friend…

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My favorite soil softeners

A few years ago I purged all the “twaddle” on our bookshelves. I have been diligent since that time to fill our shelves with literature that would qualify as soil softeners. Ms. Rosalie Slater referred to certain literature as “soil softeners,” or material that softens the soil of the heart for instruction in righteousness and planting seeds of Biblical principles. Here are just a few of the many soil softeners we enjoy in our home. Mary Jones and Her Bible is … read on, my friend…

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When He cometh

And they shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. Malachi 3:17 When He Cometh When He cometh, when He cometh To make up His jewels, All His jewels, precious jewels, His loved and His own. Refrain Like the stars of the morning, His bright crown adorning, They shall shine in their beauty, … read on, my friend…

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Literary Treasures

I am always on the hunt for good books. I mean the kind of books that you pass on, not toss out. Recently I purged our bookshelves and got rid of a lot of “twaddle”, making room for more of the great stuff. Here are some of my recent finds. Child’s Bible Reader (c) 1898  Great little book covering the whole of the Bible in 52 weeks . Written for Sunday School classes, it is … read on, my friend…

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meeting Ms. Havergal

I have made so many “friends” along my homeschool journey–Charles Willson Peale, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Christopher Columbus, Louisa May Alcott, Benjamin West. Then yesterday a new friend came into my life– Frances Ridley Havergal. We met quite by chance, bumping into one another at a local thrift store. And I am sure I will ever be the same. The little book I picked up for two dollars was a well-worn copy of Havergal’s Kept for the Master’s Use. (I have … read on, my friend…

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