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Making the first school day of the year special

First day of school is an exciting day for any kid who’s heading off to school in a building. New supplies, new clothes–it’s all so fresh and brimming with potential. There’s not reason home educators can’t make the day one to remember. Even if you educate your children year round, chances are there is a date on the calendar that you can point to as the start of the next school year. Here are some … read on, my friend…

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The family newspaper

I had come across this great idea from Lady Lydia and liked it so much I started doing it here and from the beginning it was a big hit. It’s so simple I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. It’s a family newspaper. The premise is simple: take a sheet of paper and fold in half. Fill the pages with all sorts of interesting things. Give it to your kids to read. I … read on, my friend…

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25 uses for index cards

I am in love with index cards. Have been for a long time. They are just so, well, handy. There are whole books devoted to using them in your homeschool, but here are a few ideas to get you started. Flash cards. That’s a no-brainer, right? Matching games. Making puzzles. Making 3-D objects. writing out lesson plans. collecting ideas for a paper or a book. they can be shuffled in any order until you are … read on, my friend…

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Chatting with The Science Mouse

This is our first of [hopefully] many interviews with creative types. The Science Mouse is a homeschooled kid with a penchant for all things scientific. With a little help from her mom she publishes The Science Mouse, a terrific monthly ezine for kids with a different theme each month. Tell us about you/your family. (hobbies, stuff you like, stuff you can’t stand) I have two sisters and two brothers. I like to swim and really … read on, my friend…

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The most powerful creative tool

The most powerful tools you can have in your homeschool arsenal is–are you ready for this–a schedule. Many creative types see that word and run the other way. Before you write the idea off hear me out. Why do I say a schedule is a tool? Because it gives you control of your time. Because it helps you. It helps you keep on task and lessens frustration. That’s one handy tool. Why do I say … read on, my friend…

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making the most of public speaking

One thing all kids need is confident public speaking. The ability to persuade, inform and entertain is a priceless ability, and homeschooled kids have many terrific opportunities to hone their skills–and tools to help them do it better. TED talks are very popular, and with good reason. If you aren’t aware of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) then visit their archives for public speakers and topics that run the gamut. They are interesting to watch, especially … read on, my friend…

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Finally: a use for junk mail

We get tons of it every week. Finally, something to do with all that stuff! Younger kids: play post office and use it for the mail. cut out words, pictures, numbers for learning and review as flash cards use the grocery ads to create a pretend shopping list. Cut out the pictures of the items and glue to index cards. Tape a piece of bent index card to the back like a picture frame so … read on, my friend…

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Art preservation made easy–and fun

As parents, as I think even more as homeschooling families, we accumulate a plethora of art projects. And after a while you start to wonder what to do with it all. You don’t feel right tossing it but you certainly don’t want piles of artsy goodness all over the house. My friend Renae had a post the other day about saving art work and of course a quandary like that just gets my mind going. … read on, my friend…

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Dictionary games

Vocabulary words (and dictionary skills) can sometimes be the thing to fall through the cracks of a busy homeschool day. We all want our kid to have a wide and varied word list to draw from, if for no other reason than to banish “um” and “like” from the verbal atmosphere. Here are some games to make that task a little more fun. They don’t have to be competitive but I don’t know a kid … read on, my friend…

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Calling all creative families

If you are an artist, musician writer, entrepeneur or general creative type and you homeschool, I want to talk to you. If would like to participate in a new ebook, please contact me at anna at annahawthorne dot com. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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