Book making fun with kids

If you don’t make books with your kids you are missing out on some fun! Books are a great alternative to lapbooks or notebooks. There’s no way you can not have fun making and filling books with stories, songs, poems, math tables, pictures, essays and anything else your children can produce. Here are a few links to whet your appetite. [Read more...]

praying for our kids

As parents we are to lift our children up in prayer daily. (Sometimes hourly!) But in the business at times I found myself struggling to focus my mind, so I kept praying the same basic things every day. Then someone gave me a new tool to make my prayer time more effective.

I have had this prayer calendar for a long time and thought I’d pass it along.  It will help you pray for your children about something different each day.

Praying for Our Children Calendar

If you would like to, please leave a note about how you pray for your children. Also see my previous posts on prayer. I did a series a while back on family prayer.

and another thing…

…about that game show bothers me. To see a grown man looking pitiful, not knowing the answer and hoping a kid does, just didn’t sit well with me. Grown-ups looking to children for answers isn’t my idea of good television. Or good family harmony.

And this thing of having lots of facts at your fingertips. Einstein didn’t do that. Don’t keep in your head things you can easily look up. The goal is not to raise an encyclopedia, but a child who can look things up in one, and then skillfully apply the knowledge he finds there.

Disjointed, useless facts held together with jokes and smarty pants kids isn’t my idea of a good time. Butthen again, what do I know. I’m not a 5th grader.

the missing ingredient

As you may recall, I posted that last month’s break was full of home improvement and lesson planning. Well, my plans have been undone. I made a wrong turn, or rather an assumption and therefore, wasted a lot of my time. (Note to self: this is what happens when you neglect to include the Holy Spirit in your planning. Make sure you are regularly asking for the Lord’s help in educating your kids.)
I was busy planning and researching and studying. What I left out was studying my daughter. It has been a little while since I stopped to really evaluate how she’s doing. We keep working and working and not thinking about evaluating (maybe you do this better than I). So when I realized this week that I have skipped ahead in English and math I came to a painfully obvious conclusion–she’s really smart. I am home educating. I can move at the pace she needs. DUH! She should not just breeze through; she should be challenged. And it is up to me to make sure that happens. How great is that ?!? She has a teacher that can turn on a dime, modifying lessons as needed to suit her needs. Why should I keep her plodding along, as she would have to in a classroom, staying with the “herd?” She’s an individual and I have the ability to treat her as such.
So now I have to go back and redo all my lovely plans for science, math and English. I am really ratcheting up the lessons, filling them with inspiring lessons, challenging projects and interesting activities. I will push her and encourage her to do more and to giver her all, not just follow suggested lesson plans in a book on the shelf. She’s my point of reference, not some author somewhere. And I need the Holy Spirit to help me know how to teach her what she needs to know in the way she needs to learn it. Forgive me, Lord. Help me not to get lazy and plod along, but to be the “lively textbook” I should be for my kids.
And I know from experience that when I am excited about what we are doing, she will be too. Even if I’m not crazy about math, she doesn’t have to know that. I make it a point to tell her in every subject, “this is really easy for you because you are so smart.” When she faces a difficult subject she has that “tape” in the back of her mind. So when things are more challenging and she is working to learn, she will think school is much more interesting.

So this weekend, along with a welome visit to Mayfest, I will work on some new lessons plans, keeping my daughter’s giftings, talents and weaknesses in mind. With prayer and planning, I know the rest of our year will get better and better.