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Blank books for children

With the holidays fast approaching and a sluggish economy, you may be looking for create gift ideas that are easy on your pocketbook. Blank books are great gifts for children, even those who don’t usually enjoy books or even read yet. With a little imagination you can take a blank book and make it a one-of-a-kind gift the child in your life will treasure. Make it into an alphabet book they can fill with words … read on, my friend…

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Bookbinders tickets

There was a fascinating discussion on the bookarts listserv about something called a bookbinders ticket. It’s a small paper glued into the back of the book with the binder’s unique mark and it tells you about the binder and when it was made. They’ve been around for  about 400 years and give a offer a history of bookbinding. I do not make tickets but I do have a little round rubber stamp that I use … read on, my friend…

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Slow Books

Okay I am really excited about this project. I wanted to give away a copy of Keith Smith‘s Volume 1: Books Without Paste or Glue, and not in just a number drawing. I wanted to do something more, I don’t know, spectacular. Then Leslie Herger of Comfortable Shoes Studio gave me an idea (so if you don’t like it, you know who to bother). The contest is… an essay contest! Yep, you write a little … read on, my friend…

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Measurable goodness winner!

I had lots of entries for my little giveaway and was so excited to see such exuberance for these humble brass rules. I really do wish I had a set for each of you. It was so much fun that have already decided I will have another giveaway soon–maybe paper. Or a handmade book. Or a kit. The winner is… (cue cheesy drum roll) ALEXA! Congrats girl! Get in touch with your snail mail address … read on, my friend…

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In art, bigger really is better

These days in the art community there is a wonderful movement that strives to get back to handcrafted, placing a premium on pieces that are brimming with the artist’s personality. I agree, I much prefer the one-of-a-kind over the mass produced. I prefer smaller pieces that are well done over larger pieces that lack detail. That said, there are some things about your art that are better bigger. Bigger Dreams. Goal setting is important, but … read on, my friend…

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Measurable goodness giveaway

I am so geeky about all my bookbinding tools. I love my almond-scented Italian glue, my wooden bone folder, my Japanese punch. They inspire me every time I pick them up. One tool I often reach for is my set of brass rules. They make measuring super simple, because I don’t often plan ahead and have to do things one-handed. They are incremental and super handy for all sorts of things, from books to boxes … read on, my friend…

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You can judge a book by its cover

The cover of a book, especially an antique, determines its value. A great volume with an intact spine and flyleaves is sought-after by collectors the world over. When you make a book, keep in mind that the cover is not an afterthought. It is not simply a holder for the title or something to keep the pages inside from getting ruined. Yes it is all that too but it’s more. It’s like the front door. … read on, my friend…

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vlog: make your own book cloth

Here’s my first ever video tutorial–on making your own book cloth. Hope you find it helpful. Please understand, it is my first shot at this. Hope it’s not too long! Make your own book cloth from Anna Hawthorne on Vimeo.

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How much fun can you fit on one page?

Books are great tools for homeschoolers. It seems there is no end to the creative possibilities. But sometimes the choices can seem a bit overwhelming, or the process is complicated and you stress about creating content that will be worthy of the container. How about trying a book that is made from one page, a little book that can be cut and pasted and scribbled to your heart’s content. Fill it with poetry or facts … read on, my friend…

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Book making fun with kids

If you don’t make books with your kids you are missing out on some fun! Books are a great alternative to lapbooks or notebooks. There’s no way you can not have fun making and filling books with stories, songs, poems, math tables, pictures, essays and anything else your children can produce. Here are a few links to whet your appetite.

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