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Bookbinders tickets

There was a fascinating discussion on the bookarts listserv about something called a bookbinders ticket. It’s a small paper glued into the back of the book with the binder’s unique mark and it tells you about the binder and when it was made. They’ve been around for  about 400 years and give a offer a history of bookbinding. I do not make tickets but I do have a little round rubber stamp that I use … read on, my friend…

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Slow Books

Okay I am really excited about this project. I wanted to give away a copy of Keith Smith‘s Volume 1: Books Without Paste or Glue, and not in just a number drawing. I wanted to do something more, I don’t know, spectacular. Then Leslie Herger of Comfortable Shoes Studio gave me an idea (so if you don’t like it, you know who to bother). The contest is… an essay contest! Yep, you write a little … read on, my friend…

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You can judge a book by its cover

The cover of a book, especially an antique, determines its value. A great volume with an intact spine and flyleaves is sought-after by collectors the world over. When you make a book, keep in mind that the cover is not an afterthought. It is not simply a holder for the title or something to keep the pages inside from getting ruined. Yes it is all that too but it’s more. It’s like the front door. … read on, my friend…

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Finding artist book inspiration

Creative block is one of the things I struggle with. Things are rocking along and then one day, without warning, it’s like someone dammed up the river of ideas. Suddenly I got nothin‘. If you are stuck, lacking inspiration or just afraid to try something new, maybe you can try one of these: Found Magazine is filled with ideas and inspiration. It’s all about old receipts and love notes and pictures of strangers just begging … read on, my friend…

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Otis artist books

Otis College of Art and Design has one of the most user-friendly artist book catalogs I’ve come across. This site is great because you can search by things like technique, binding and more. Lots of eye candy but I am not responsible for what you may run across there, as I did not look at every book. Enjoy!

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