It’s pouring

I am trying to keep my word for the year in the front of my mind. Pour. I am a seeker, searching meanings and clues to what this word means in my life this year. I want to be truly transformed by this idea of pouring.

“Pour” denotes an activity, which is very different than emptying. Being emptied is passive, it can happen without your consent or participation. Things can happen every day to empty us. Tragedy and stress and life itself can tear holes and drain out most everything.

Pouring takes action. You can’t pour out of a container without first taking hold. Purposeful holding. I want to not just be emptied this year, but to be poured. I place my earthen vessel in the hands of Jesus and trust that I will be poured out as He sees fit, as He fills me with whatever He deems useful and worthy.

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2 Responses to It’s pouring

  1. Steve says:

    This is so useful to God. As long as we are pouring out, God can use us.
    But if we stop, the supply will stop. It reminds me of the woman who was
    told to get all the pots she could and the oil didn’t stop flowing until she quit pouring
    when they ran out of empty pots.

  2. Anna-Marie says:

    Great point. The supply keeps coming as long as we keep pouring. We never have to worry that we will run dry because He’s the one filling us.

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