Why pray as a family?

With  the busy pace of today’s life why should we take time to pray regularly as a family? There are many reasons.

  • Unity. People who pray together grow closer.
  • Teaching. It’s a great opportunity to teach your child (and learn yourself) how to hear from God.
  • God says to. We are commanded to “pray without ceasing.”
  • Altruism. We think of the needs of others and not our own.
  • Peace. We know we have taken our needs to God and He is taking care of things in His time.
  • Perspective. We are concerned with what God is doing all over the earth, not just in our own backyard.
  • Contentment. It brings satisfaction and lessens our need for “stuff” and allows us to just “be.”


  1. A family that prays together stays together

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