Recession-proof your artistic income

Who wouldn’t love to not just eek out a living, but really thrive as an artist, even in a down economy? One of the best ways to do that is by creating multiple streams of income from your work. Laura Bray of Katydid Designs is offering an online course to help you do just that. Here’s what she’s covering (as she describes it):

In this course, you will:

* Learn that creating multiple streams of income is the fastest way to reach your financial goals while making a living a doing what you love.

* Learn how to leverage your artwork and projects to make money for you over and over.

* Learn how to create passive income. You can be independently employed, go on vacation, and still make money!

* Find out the many ways an artist or crafter can make money from their art. You probably haven’t even thought of some of them!

* Learn from experts in creative income areas such as; online selling, art licensing, children’s book illustration and craft shows.

Keep focused, do what you love and learn a ton of different possibilities for creating a good living from your talent without working yourself into an early grave. All this for only $50? Amazing! See more info about this class here. Hurry and sign up, class begins September 7.

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  1. Laura Bray says:

    You are a peach! Thanks for the PR!

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