Raising good cooks: part three

Posted by Anna-Marie on June 2nd, 2009. Filed under: Domesticity.

There are few things more frustrating to me than trying to cook something without the right tools. Just like in carpentry, you need the right tool of the right job. I don’t mean a lot of fussy gadgets to clutter your kitchen, but the basic tools necessary to create almost anything you want to make in the kitchen.

There is a skill to setting up a good kitchen. With ten basic categories you can have a well-prepared kitchen that will be ready for any dish you want to prepare.

cookware. Quality cookware is a must. And knowing when to use what pan is a skill in itself. A basic set with a saute pan, a skillet, a stock pot and a couple of sauce pans will get you going.

cookbooks. Two basic, complete books are really all you need.

Foil, plastic wrap and parchment paper. Having the right tool makes cooking so much easier.

utensils. Whisks, slotted spoons, colanders, spatulas, a non-porous cutting board and ladles make cooking so much easier.

bakeware. It is hard to bake without a few basic pans and baking dishes. Two round cake pans, a sheet cake pan and an 8X8 square pans are three to start with. An maybe a glass dish for casseroles.

measuring tools. It’s impossible to cook accurately without quality measuring sups and spoons.

storage containers. You need somewhere to keep your leftovers so you aren’t storing food in your serving dishes or cookware.

mixing bowls. It’s hard to mix a cake in a cereal bowl. Three sizes are adequate.

electric tools. A mixer and blender are almost indispensable. Others you may want to invest in include a microwave, a food processor, a crock pot and a toaster oven.

rags, oven mitts and towels. You can’t get hot food out of the oven without one. And you need rags for cleaning too.

Next stop: stocking the pantry.

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