Art preservation made easy–and fun

As parents, as I think even more as homeschooling families, we accumulate a plethora of art projects. And after a while you start to wonder what to do with it all. You don’t feel right tossing it but you certainly don’t want piles of artsy goodness all over the house.

photo courtesy the_toe_stubber

photo courtesy the_toe_stubber

My friend Renae had a post the other day about saving art work and of course a quandary like that just gets my mind going. I have to write a post when I started a mental list of some potential ideas for you to consider. Keep in mind these are the keepers, the best stuff. You don’t have to keep it all, just keep the stuff worth saving and happily toss the rest when the kids aren’t looking.

  • Laminate them. Punch holes in the corners and connect them with jump rings to make a curtain of art for a wall or a room divider or to cover a window.
  • Laminate them to use as placemats.
  • scan for use as a screensaver.
  • Use them as wallpaper. Arrange them corner to corner like bricks and attach to the wall with sticky tack. When you want to change it up, just pull them down.
  • Mount a piece on heavy cardboard with glue and cut into puzzle pieces. before you cut, make sure to scan it to make putting the puzzle back together a lot easier. Mail it to a relative or friend.
  • Make a scrapbook. Google that if you need to know.
  • Affix a weighted string to the ceiling and hang art on the string with clips or two magnets stuck together.
  • Mail them to your relatives.
  • Cut them up for collage or other projects.
  • Recycle them. Use a different medium to add to it, trade pictures with siblings and add to the picture.
  • Enter them in a contest.
  • Use them as story book illustrations.
  • Scan them and make T-shirts.
  • Use them as story prompts.
  • Trade art with another family. Take turns guessing the subject of the piece.
  • Hold an art show. Display your art all over the house and invite friends and family. Serve simple snacks and have a short discussion on art appreciation or how to study a painting.
  • Scan and print on fabric for use as pillows, quilt squares, tote bags or clothing.
  • For 3-D things, take pictures of them. And for smaller things a high shelf or curio cabinet can be a nice place to showcase the best of the best.
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4 Responses to Art preservation made easy–and fun

  1. Renae says:

    I knew you would have lots of ideas. Thanks for compiling them!

  2. Jennifer says:

    You’re so creative Anna! My sister-in-law had a cute idea too: she used brush-nickel curtain rod rings (the ones that have the clips at the bottom) and hung those on a painted dowel rod. Then she just clips the artwork to the rings. It makes a really cute (and stylish) display that can be rotated as needed.

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  4. Victoria says:

    Awesome ideas!! I hang one or two by each child on their bedroom door and then replace them once a week. Then I throw them out. I do photograph some and post them on the blog, which they may some day read. But, it is a growing problem because they create so much!
    .-= Victoria´s last blog ..Mommy Says … =-.

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