Hope for the next generation

My oldest daughter (10) entered this year’s essay contest from our state’s Christian homeschool organization. The topic was “The Role of Christians in Government.” When I saw the title I knew she just had to enter. It took a lot of prodding but I finally got a paper out of her. She typed it up, then saw that it had to be hand written, so she copied it and we put both copies in the mail. A couple of days before Capitol Day we got that all-important email: she won!

The judges thought her essay was the best one entered in any age category. They wished the high schoolers could have written as well. Here is her essay in its entirety.

According to Webster’s 1828 dictionary, the word government means “who or what is
in control.” In the Garden of Eden that Who was God, and He governed us internally. Then
sin changed things and now we need more external government. That’s where Christians
come in, offering God’ s idea of government.

One of the roles of Christians in government is to follow. Follow Jesus, that is. Always
follow your leaders unless they do not line up with God’ s Word. Be a good example to other

Another role is to pray. You need to pray for the right candidates to be elected. You
also need to pray that the leaders we have will make right choices, according to 1 Timothy
2:1&2. Prayer sometimes makes the difference between life and death.

Still another role Christians have in government is to lead. When you lead as a Christian,
you reflect God. God’s leadership is wise, consistent, righteous and just. In fact, the Bible in
Job 34:17 says that you should not lead if you don’t agree with God’ s justice.

Christians get ideas regarding government from the Bible. The Founding Fathers called
the Bible “America ’s political textbook.” Christian leaders should look to godly leaders in the
bible for insight and wisdom.

It is a great responsibility to elect our own leaders. We should vote carefully. The most
basic role of Christians in government is to show others how God wants us to live, no
matter what role we are in.

I share this not to get a pat on the back, but to demonstrate God’s faithfulness. When we instill Biblical principles in our children, they can think governmentally. It just becomes their way of thinking. I am raising the next generation of godly Christians who will hopefully lead and not blindly follow. This essay gives me much hope for America’s future.

And it was a real treat for her to win a prize for her hard work too! On Capitol Day February 10 we made a trip to Oklahoma City for her to receive her award. And when she received a copy of her citation a few days later she was over the moon. It’s a giant certificate with her essay printed in the body inside a blue folder. She will treasure it as one of her special homeschool memories. And so will I.

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6 Responses to Hope for the next generation

  1. Renae says:

    I’m so glad you are raising up a Christian stateswoman. Wonderful essay by a beautiful girl!

  2. Miiko says:

    I echo Renae, Anna-Marie!:) Thank you for sharing…

  3. Lisa Tardy says:

    Anna: I am so proud of you and what you are doing in the lives of your children. You are such a great example to me and to others!!! I was telling your mom that I am so inspired by people who are so passionate about what they are doing. You inspire me!!! Keep doing what you are doing for God is using you to change your corner of the world!!!! That is what we are called to do…..one corner at a time! Tell that precious daughter of yours that she is an amazing writer and that I am so proud of her!!

  4. Mary Beth says:

    What a wonderful, well written essay and what a great experience. I am going to have my 10-year-old son read the essay and discuss it with him for school tomorrow-please thank your daughter for the prompt. Also, your daughter is beautiful!

  5. Anna-Marie says:

    Lisa, thanks for the kind words. They mean more than you know! I love you.

    Mary Beth, Let me know how that discussion with your son goes! And thanks too for the compliment. I will pass on everyone’s responses to her. She’ll be thrilled!

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