Book making fun with kids

If you don’t make books with your kids you are missing out on some fun! Books are a great alternative to lapbooks or notebooks. There’s no way you can not have fun making and filling books with stories, songs, poems, math tables, pictures, essays and anything else your children can produce. Here are a few links to whet your appetite.

Making Books with Children

MakingBooks blog

Let’s Make Books

Make Your Own Books

Bookbinding Tutorials (many of these are for older kids and adults)

Creating books is also a great way to apply skills like math and art techniques. They encourage fine motor skills with binding and writing.

Do you make books? Care to share photos? How have handmade books added to your homeschool education?


  1. We haven’t made very many books, but I like the idea. Thanks for sharing these great links!

    And, by the way, the new theme looks wonderful! :D


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