My place in God’s symphony

I love the violin. And the cello. Especially if I can hear them together. Nothing warms my heart like a well-trained musician playing a beautiful melody. All the strings tuned and in their places, singing out the tones that they were designed to make. Each string is made to do its own thing and do it well. If you were to tune the low string to the high note it would break, and the high notes would go limp in the low string’s spot.

Some people are really busy and seem to make it function well. Some might call them “high strung” but maybe they just resonate at a higher frequency. Thriving on activity and a full schedule, they usually get more attention and are a bit busier on the musical staff than the lower notes. This is natural for the human ear to hear.

Others prefer a slower pace and folks may label them “quaint” or just behind the times. Maybe they are simply the bass notes of our society, laying the foundation that grounds the higher strings. Slow and melodic, they bring richness and depth so important to a composition.

Separately these make lovely melodies but when you put these together they complete the harmony. We need to find the tone God has designed us to make. There may be some sour notes as we find our way to that perfect pitch, and even when we do we may slip a bit off pitch. But the more we submit to the Master’s touch the more we will find, like a fine instrument, we are making our own sweet song to the Lord, happy in our place and resonating with joy.

At his tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy; I will sing and make music to the Lord.  Ps. 27:6b KJV


  1. Lovely article…Each of us is a divinely ordained string and together we can make beautiful notes and music together for the Lord. Each day we need to be finely tuned though and this we can be when we look to our Conductor and listen to His instructions and directions. Have a joyful and musical day today! :)

  2. Thanks Miiko. The neat thing I was thinking about is that God isn’t only the conductor but her also the musician, playing our lives as we let Him. He has His hand on us, guiding and overruling and generally making things wonderful.

  3. The imagery is beautiful. I enjoy music, too, but just as in real life, I’m still learning the notes. Glad we can learn to play together. :)


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