and another thing…

…about that game show bothers me. To see a grown man looking pitiful, not knowing the answer and hoping a kid does, just didn’t sit well with me. Grown-ups looking to children for answers isn’t my idea of good television. Or good family harmony.

And this thing of having lots of facts at your fingertips. Einstein didn’t do that. Don’t keep in your head things you can easily look up. The goal is not to raise an encyclopedia, but a child who can look things up in one, and then skillfully apply the knowledge he finds there.

Disjointed, useless facts held together with jokes and smarty pants kids isn’t my idea of a good time. Butthen again, what do I know. I’m not a 5th grader.

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2 Responses to and another thing…

  1. Andrea (admin) says:

    Yes, OH YES. Agreed with wholeheartedly. knowing where to find stuff, instead of reguritating on demand, is a far better skill to have.

    Ron (my husband) has written a lot on that very issue. In the computer field, what we were both taught to regurgitate in college 20 years ago is obsolete today.

  2. Shannon says:


    We made the mistake of watching that silly show. You are right that this supposes the child to be the leader and the adult the follower. This isn’t a good family show, nor even a good game show.

    Thank you for stating that we teach our children to reason. This is far more useful than a bunch of disjointed facts that mean nothing. What use is a complimentary angle if you haven’t an idea of what to do with it?

    It’s been awhile. We should talk soon. I have a lead on summer seminars for PA…


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