Noah Plan lessons grade 3

Well my 3rd grade lessons came today! I am really excited, now that I got to see them in person. I would have liked to have more information from FACE before I ordered, like sample pages and a list of topics covered, but I called, so I knew what to expect. Here’s my take at first glance.

Opening with BPA in general and BPA 3rd grade was helpful. I wanted to know what they expect of 3rd graders in their school just as a point of reference. Getting Ready for 3rd grade had even more info. Then they have a bunch of stuff I don’t use: school supply list, classroom constitution, report card and such. Their list of required  resources and optional resources (with their abbreviations) is something I will refer to as well.

The lesson plans are comprehensive for the following subjects: Bible, Bible as Reader, English, Literature, His-Story, geography and science. The supplemental info in the back has overviews for all the subjects and also ones for art, music and PE. They included some graphic organizers, presentation ideas and more to make things easier. And I enjoyed “Cultivating the Love of Learning in Third Grade.”

Their lessons are organized by week. They offer a principle, leading idea, materials for the lessons, lesson content and student work. They offer quarterly reading instruction and overviews for math but it is not covered. We use Ray’s anyway so that’s not important.

I am at a place now that I believe I can modify as I need to as the year progresses. I feel no pressure to complete everything in the lesson, or even in the way they suggest. But I am thankful they offer these to help me proveide an excellent education to my children without wearing myself out. As the year progresses I hope to offer updates on how thigns are going.


  1. Your site is just lovely. Very comforting!!

  2. I just got my third grade materials too, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the Kindergarden materials. We still have a few hurdles to overcome with our 3rd grader from transitioning out of govt. school, bad habits with site reading (vs. correctly sounding out words). But it’s a totally different learning style with my 5yo. The things that have worked with 8yo are not working with my 5yo. Any suggestions on where it’s possible to combine the two and how deal with a visual learner vs. a very kinetic one would be most appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Pamela in MN

  3. Awww thanks Shannon! I just love this template. Hope to chat this Thursday… (hint hint!)


  4. Pamela,

    I would say one thing is to add more kintetic stuff. Even other learning styles usually enjoy kintetic learning as well. One book that helped me in this area is “How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and on to Learning” by Carol Barnier She gives many practical examples of kintetic/multi-sensory activities that you can use in any subject.

    And I know the K Lessons can seem overwhleming (that was a difficult year for me–I was new tho this and thought I had to do everything they listed). I encourage you to weed out about 1/3 of the stuff they suggest and ease up on writing. K’s are just starting to write and I didn’t like all that writing. It caused stress at our house. With my second I am using the K overviews in Mr. Rose’s book and I think it will work better for our family.

    Please send me an email and we can discuss it further, okay??

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