Our week: April 3-7

Well I’m here at Homeschool Journal now. If you have thought about starting a blog, this is a great place. The people here are so helpful.

We had a good week. It was not an eventful one, but we got our lessons in. Art has been fun. We are discussing the elements of art, and line is the first element. We have not done any history this week because we are in trasition and I didn’t want to start the Pilgrims before a three-week break. Math (division) is going well. Spelling is easy for her. Too easy. I need to step it up. Her vocabulary skills are very advanced, so I feel like I’m jumping too far ahead sometimes.

When we return to our lessons in May I will do some things differently with our English/Reading. I’ll explain more about that in a later post.

Our schedule is year-round, with a month off in April, August, and December. It works well for us. So I will post about what I am planning and learning this month.

Also, if you haven’t gotten in on the SDS study, this is the first week, so there’s time. Visit SDS Support to sign up and get started with Bren.




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8 Responses to Our week: April 3-7

  1. JoAnn says:

    Welcome! I remember you from HSB. I too am a transplant for the very same reasons. Although I haven’t taken the time yet to close my blog there. I still need to let some friends know where I am and then I will shut things down. Glad to see you decided to keep blogging.


  2. principledmom says:


    thanks for the note. I look forward to reading your blog! I know that switching takes time but to me it just had to be done.

  3. Deidra says:

    Hey!! I thought u were at blogspot….this seems to be a nice place too!!! I’ll check them out too! I really enjoy our chats!!!


  4. Anna-Marie says:

    Yes, I’m here too. And I love the chat too. It’s become a regular thing I look forward to. :)


  5. Miiko says:

    yeah, good to see that you’re back blogging again…no doubt you’ll make a lot of moms relieved and happy! :) miiko

  6. Anna-Marie says:


    thanks for the note. I’m glad you found me! Hugs

  7. shepherdsfold says:

    I am trying to move here too. However, I am keeping my other blog (I thought it was so pretty). I would like the focus of that one to be parenting issues, BPA style of course.

    It will take awhile for me to figure this place out…

    (nothing is there right now)

  8. Anna-Marie says:

    Yea! I know once you see how it works you’ll love it. Didn’t you think their templates are great? They have 40 to choose from. Your latest post is AWESOME. I loved it. Well done. :)

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