This week’s lessons: March 27-31

This was an unusual week because of Princess G’s birthday and because we had to take her to the doctor. She has eczema from head to toe at this time in her young life. We try our best to keep on top of it but this time it really got away from us. She had infection from her hips to her little piggies. It was the worst it has been, and it’s been pretty bad. Ouch! So we had to get a round of oral steroids and antibiotics. Needless to say, she is on the mend, feeling great and looking much better. I hate to take this route, but sometimes I really have no choice.

So because we are able to educate at home, we were able to continue our lessons and that was not difficult, except that she had to stand up at the table to work a lot because the back of her upper thighs were so raw. Here’s what we did this week:

Principle: Christian Principle of Self-Government (1 Samuel 8) We discussed the Children of Israel rejecting God and choosing a man to lead tham. We reasoned that this is the same as when we choose our own way instead of choosing Christian self-governemtn. We choose our own government rather than God’s. We made a chart that a mom at our bibleprinciples group shared with us. We will definitely use more of these charts. They really make the lesson come alive for us and help us to apply what we are studying.

spelling lists from McGuffey
Grammar: Harvey’s and Daily Grams
Penmanship: Spencerian book 1 (new last week)

Principle: Division reveals God’s nature (3 in 1)
Continuing in Ray’s with this

finishing Alice in Wonderland. She asked to read it so we just did so. We didn’t do much in the way of notebooking, we just enjoyed the silly happenings and discussed “character issues” as we saw them.

Botany (Dr. Hooker’s book)
Principle: nature teaches us about God
This is her favorite subject. She begs to do it every day. We studied about leaves. They have four main purposes: add moisture to the air, shade, beauty and to keep the plant alive (respiration and photosynthesis). We also read the chapter on the leaves in autumn. I really enjoy his manner of writing and his appreciation for God’s creativity.

Principle: God’s Principle of Individuality
We learned that a line is a moving point in space. We discussed how lines are defined: by position, thickness, shape and relation to other lines. She reasoned what we use lines for–communication, separation, inclusion, judgement–and how lines demonstrate the principle above. We did some simple projects that she really enjoyed and we looked for lines in art and around the house. (For art we are using this book and this book.)

The weather is so nice that we have been spending time out of doors, getting our “sunshine vitamins”. Happy spring!! (insert Snoopy dance here)

Click here to download a blank lesson plan worksheet to print to your heart’s content.

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