Last week’s lessons

Last week was fun but not terribly eventful. We worked on our books in art class (aren’t my girls cute?). I love making books so this was really fun. (see the principle in the lesson).

In our other subjects it went like this:

Principle: Moses was a servant leader.
continued our Moses as leader discussion. We talked about the diagrams from JBC showing the difference betweeen leaders and rulers. This was funny to me because I planned the lessonbefore I read the text in JBC about this subject. When I read what they said and it was the same as what I said I got very excited. I was on the right track! (see last week’s post on “simon says”). So we talked about the difference between “leaders” and “servant leaders”. That was interesting. Miiko’s blog is also a terrific resource for JBC help week to week. She’s really inspiring!

Principle: Multiplication came out of God.
We have a Menu Math from Scholastic and she really likes those exercises. We are also continuing our lessons on multipication. We discussed again the principle that multiplication came out of God, not just from Him. He is mathematical in mature and He is a God of multiplication (see one of the many verses describing Him as a multiplier). We are working through a multiplication table. We also did a fun outdoor activity. I wrote lots of nubers out on the patio with chalk. I called out a multiplication equation and she had to work the answer in her head and then jump on the answer. We play this game for different math facts and she really likes the physical activity of it.

We also started economics each Wednesday. Just gentle learning about rudiments of economics. The first week we defined “economics”, “Christian economics” and “American Christian economics.” Last week we talked about needs vs. wants. (Matt. 6:31-34) She wrote: My needs come from God. They are food, clothes and shelter. He also provides my wants through prayer and hard work. She reasoned this from the scripture passage and some passages in Proverbs about work.

I am loosely following the section on economics in Mr. Rose’s A Guide to American Christian Education. She has her own business (her newsletter) and she is very interested in economics so we added a small component each week to answer her questions.

History: We combined it with Bible last week.

Principle: Geography is the stage for His Story.
We talked about lakes. There are three types: mountain lakes, lakes in plains and salt lakes (from Guyot’s Physical Geography). She reasoned that they get water three ways (my own part of the lesson): rain, springs and rivers. She drew examples of these for her notebook. We looked at examples of lakes in the Bible (like the lakes Jesus sailed and calmed and Peter walked on.

Principle: God gave us whole language from the beginning.
She is defining five subheadings of English: orthography, etymology, prosody, syntax and composition. We will try to get to at least three of these each week, putting prosody more on the back burner for now (more passive activities) and focusing more on orthography,etymology and composition. She is adding these to her little definitions flap book.

Principle: God’s Principle of Individuality
The Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales are on tap. Their lives are interesting (but who isn’t, really?) and I found some fun things related to them and their tales. I’ll list them in another post so you can visit them if you are interested.

Along with preparing lessons I am also listening to Katherine Dang’s seminar on “The First Things to Learn and Teach” about the BPA and how to apply it to home education. It has been amazing. I’m also slowly working through Ruth Smith’s Rudiments Course. That has also been wonderful. My brain is so full! I still have so much work to do to renew my mind to the Christian idea of man and government. But I have come a long way and can’t imagine looking at life any other way.

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