What we did last week

Well last week was a challenge. But how is that different from any other week? It takes such a commitment to make sure you have school consistently because there are so many things trying to get your attention. They all seem urgent and they all need to be done NOW!!! So we still got our lesons in so I thought I’d share.

Principle: God uses individuals to further His Story.
Leading idea: Moses was in the right place at the right time.
We are talking about Moses and his link on the Chain of Christianity. We talked about Moses being in the right place at the right time and made a page with a “basket” in the Nile that is really a flap you can lift to see little Moses inside. Then we talked about Moses in Pharoah’s house and how he was prepared and preserved for God’s plan. We created a T-chart to compare and contrast Pharoah’s House and Slavery.
Pharoah: education, leader, favored
Slavery: toil, servant, torture
We compared and contrasted these two environments and she reasoned how these things brought us to the leading idea (right place, right time) which she then reasoned to the principle (stated above). This took a little while but she got it herself, with a little mild encouragement. We are still working on the reasoning part but I think she’s doing a great job!

We discussed Abraham from JBC lesson 6 and the fact that his faith made him righteous. That was an interesting conversation. She drew a picture of Abraham with lots of stars and a scripture reference and title. We also discussed why we are called the Seed of Abraham.

Principle: It is the Stage for His Story
We discussed continents, peninsulas and islands and she reasoned that this is where the people live so this is the stage for His Story. We drew examples and she used the Map Standard to color them.

Principle: Measurement shows me that God is orderly and unchanging. (Mal. 3:6)
Leading idea: Measurement is always the same.
We looked up examples of measurement in the Bible (Noah’s ark, the angel in Revelation) and we discussed how that is like God. We talked about how it can build our faith because since math is unchanging and math came out of God, He is also unchanging. (You can also use Rom. 1:20 here.) We can use what we can see to help us understand a God that we cannot see. Then we discussed inches, feet and yards and did some math problems with them. We are also working on our times tables in Ray’s Mathematics lesson 44.

Principle: God’s Principle of Individuality
leading idea: writing demonstrates the author’s individuality
We are reading some of Emerson’s work. We checked “Father, We Thank You” from the library. It has beautiful illustrations and a wonderful poem of Emerson’s about God’s creation. We discussed how we can see what the author is thinking and feeling through his writing. We can also tell about his background and worldview (my word, not hers!) by the conent of his work.

I don’t have time to go into every subject here but these are the main subjects we try to always get to. We try to get to art, science and music, but at his time they are mainly informal lessons. (I am taching an online book arts class and we use that, along with another yahoo group art class.) She has had three years of piano and loves to sit and learn songs on her own. I am working on getting some science materials from Ms. Dang and have won the book (The Child’s Book of Nature) on eBay. When I get the book I will make more formal lessons for botany, per her suggestion.

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