daughters and dictatorships

For our Bible lessons we use the Judah Bible Curriculum, which I can’t rave about enough. It looks at the Bible governmentally, that is, who or what is directing, regulating, controlling or restraining men and nations. (JBC doeas a lot for Christian scholarship and learning to study the Bible for yourself too.) It has been such a wonderful time together.

This week were are discussing Egypt and their government–Pharoah (dictator), man over man type of government. Now my Princess G is only 7 but she was able to reason some profound reasons why she does not want to be under a dicatorship. Keep in mind that she really did get this on her own. I did not tell her what to think.

We discussed what a dictator was and what that type of government looks like in chart form.

Then we discussed the passage in Exodus 1 about Egypt and what that society was like. Not a great length, just the basics. We discussed why Egypt was unhappy that the Hebrew numbers were growing and what that meant to Egypt.

Then I asked her, looking at the chart, why she would not like a man over man type of government. These are the reasons she listed:

  • I would worship him instead of God.
  • I wouldn’t get my prayers answered becasue he is only a man.
  • He would be controlling and tell me what to do all the time.
  • He would be unknown and I wouldn’t know what he was thinking (she was saying he was highly undpredictable).

This was really exciting to me. She really understood what we were saying and was able to reason why it wasn’t a good thing to have a dictator. God bless her! We made it into a paragraph for her notebook:

When she came up with the reasons I was quick to praise her and give her ownership of her own thoughts. “I am so proud of you! You came up with those reasons yourself; I didn’t tell them to you. What a smart girl you are! God has blessed you with such a bright and wonderful mind.” This really encourages her to keep going. The more I encourage her to think the more she does. I can’t wait to see how this reasoning looks in 5 years. This BPA philosophy of education is awesome!

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