Preparing for the new year

We begin our new year next week. Since we school year-round, we take June off and then get back into things when the summer is really heating up. (And here it has been almost 100 degrees evey day this week!) I’ve been praying and looking over my plans for the year.

First, I think about what I want to cover. Sometimes I follow a suggested plan and sometimes I don’t. In science, history, math, Bible and French I will mostly follow their plans. But in everything else–English, literature, geography, music, art–I blaze my own trail.

I map out what I will basically cover each month throughout the year. Then I break it down into weeks. Then I make my daily plans from there, four weeks at a time. I plan the daily lessons as I go, so I don’t ever feel overwhelmed. The week we have off (every fifth week) I plan the next four.

Some PA moms plan a month at a time and then create daily plans from that. I like to see each week planned out. It helps me know that I have covered all I wanted to in more detail than a monthly plan. It may seem like a lot of work to do this but I like it. It helps me feel organized and peaceful because I know I haven’t forgotten anything. It also makes weekly planning easier because a lot of the work has been done for me at that point.

I’m really looking forward to this new year. We have some great things planned. I’m trying to do more activities and take more pictures. How do you plan your year?

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