last week’s work

Last week was short due to an out of town ministry trip. Some of the things we worked on:

  • place value (see the last post)
  • being internally governed. In our Judah Bible Curriculum we are in Genesis, dealing with man’s rejection of self-government. We did several pages for our notebook on this idea, contrasting what it looks like to be internally and externally governed. She mentioned this idea many times this week, especially when she saw things that were an obvious lack of internal (Christ) government, such as smoking, disobedience and selfishness. I’m so proud of her!
  • More stories in McGuffey’s reader.
  • We completed their “me” books and they had a great time with those.
  • We made a mini book with the four types of literature unique to the Bible. She always enjoys those types of projects.
  • In Spanish we are reviewing colors. I am also looking over an article from FACE on the Latin American perspective of BPA. It’s about Latin America’s Christian history and it will help me teach Spanish to know the Latin contributions to the Chain of Christianity. This article is written by a Latino and it is very interesting.

I may not get to scan the work in from last week. I will get back on track with this current week.

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