Biblical principles of mathematics

Mathematics is one of my favorite subjects to discover using the Biblical Principle Approach to education. It reveals God’s character and nature in such an understandable way. God uses the language of math to give us insight into who He is. Math is infinite. It is orderly. It is predictable. It is universal and unchangeable. It is so easy for me to see God’s image in math.

One more thing I want to highlight. On p.239-240 of James Rose’s book, A Guide to American Christian Education, the author discusses the “Principle for Solving Problems.” In Isaiah 33:22, God reveals Himself as judge, lawgiver and king. (This triune principle is repeated many times–in the Trinity, in our civil government, in our homes.) This applies to mathematics as planning, application and checking. These steps apply to any problem at any time. When Princess G understands this she can solve any problem because she understands the principle behind it.

This is but one example of the difference between PA and other Christian forms of education. We don’t just stick a Scripture on it and call it “Christian education.” PA seeks out the foundational principle behind the subject and glorifies God in everything. It is not a method, it is a philosophy of government, and hence, of education. For more information read here. And check out Lisa’s thoughts on this subject.

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